About Us

SA Diabetes Advocacy is a registered non-profit organisation (269-339) uniting all the organisations of people with diabetes in South Africa. These include:

The SA Diabetes Advocacy Board consists of a representative from each of these organisations, as well as allied diabetes advocacy organisations.

Meet the SA Diabetes Advocacy Board

Yuvanya Naidoo

Bete It

Yuvanya Naidoo is a Life actuary, aspiring philanthropist, football fanatic, theatre loving, classic literature reading Type 1 using a pump and CGM to navigate the highs and lows of Type 1 diabetes. She is the co-founder of Bete It, an NPO supporting and advocating for people with Type 1 diabetes

Margot McCumisky

Diabetes South Africa

Margot McCumisky is the National Manager of Diabetes South Africa. Diabetes SA is a registered NPO/PBO focused on informing, educating and supporting all people who have diabetes and their families. Diabetes SA also acts as an advocate for people with diabetes, lobbying for better facilities, cheaper medication and better services. They have been assisting and advocating for people with diabetes for 53 years, with many successful diabetes outreach projects and 22 years of running rural South African diabetes education projects, a diabetes website and Diabetes Focus magazine quarterly issues.

Delouise Groenewald

Kids Powered by Insulin

Delouise Groenewald is the mom of two children with Type 1 diabetes who are on the Autism Spectrum. She runs ids Powered by Insulin, and is a professional photographer.

Kirsten de Klerk


Kirsten de Klerk is an avid adventurer and diabetes advocate. She works as campaign manager focusing on diabetes advocacy for Treeshake, and is the co-founder of Bete It, a South African non-profit organisation striving to support and advocate for people with Type 1 diabetes, and create a platform for awareness and education. For type ones, by type ones.

Bridget McNulty

Sweet Life Diabetes Community

Bridget McNulty is the co-founder of Sweet Life Diabetes Community, South Africa’s largest online diabetes community and a registered NPO/PBO. She has been living with Type 1 diabetes for 14 years, and is passionate about showing that it’s possible to live a healthy, happy life with diabetes.

Shiara Pillay


Working in the content development space aimed at building the capacity of others, Shiara is passionate about active citizenry and sustainable development. She is a representative of YT1, Diabetes SA’s Type 1 Youth and Children’s Outreach. Shiara has been living with Type 1 diabetes for 17 years.

Kerry Kalweit

Youth With Diabetes

Kerry Kalweit is a medical doctor and lives with Type 1 diabetes. She has been a volunteer for Youth With Diabetes (YWD) for over 15 years. YWD has leadership training programs, support groups and school/nurse training in diabetes. YWD is a member association of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). Kerry is passionate about helping children and their families adapt and thrive with diabetes, especially in low-resource settings.